MATCH Hospitality is the global industry leader in the development, sales, management and production of official commercial hospitality programmes for major sporting events. Our impressive portfolio of past and current events includes football, tennis and motorsport. To date the FIFA World Cup™ is our largest operation.

As an eventing partner with an unparalleled track record in the sports hospitality market, we have demonstrated how capable we are of maintaining (and surpassing) the standards of excellence demanded by premium event owners. We have the skills, experience and network to deliver a strong sales performance.

MATCH Hospitality is the global industry leader in the development, sales, management and production of official commercial hospitality programmes for major sporting events. Our impressive portfolio of past and current events includes football, tennis and motorsport. To date the FIFA World Cup™ is our largest operation.

As an eventing partner with an unparalleled track record in the sports hospitality market, we have demonstrated how capable we are of maintaining (and surpassing) the standards of excellence demanded by premium event owners. We have the skills, experience and network to deliver a strong sales performance.




MATCH Hospitality’s strength in sales comes from our global reach, multi-sales channel approach and our ability to develop deep and lasting relationships with our customers. We have cultivated an experienced, dedicated team of in-house sales specialists operating locally from MATCH offices across eight countries, a network of carefully selected and highly reputable Sales Agents represented in over 40 international territories and sophisticated e-commerce platforms.


With a proven track record as the Official Hospitality Rights holder or dedicated sales partner, our reputation as the go-to company for hospitality sales at the world’s most prestigious sporting events has been established. MATCH Hospitality has amassed an extensive database of repeat customers spanning all key customer segments, including multi-national corporations, small-to-mid-sized companies, sports federations and clubs, high net worth individuals (HNWI) and other private customers who value our products, reliability and distinguished customer service.


E-commerce is increasingly becoming one of our strongest sales pillars, representing over 25% of the global outcome achieved for recent events served by MATCH Hospitality. As we look to service our upcoming events, online sales are central to our strategies.

All our e-commerce platforms are designed and built using a range of best-practice techniques, which include a mobile-first approach, to ensure the best possible user experience and conversion rates. User journeys and user personas are created with the various customer needs in mind. Our e-commerce sites are supported by easy-to-access customer service and a range of payment platforms, as well as the option to process a purchase offline through our dedicated, in-house sales team.


MATCH Hospitality’s existing in-house Sales and Marketing team of 40+ professionals are distributed across our global offices and responsible for both direct sales of the events within our portfolio, as well as cultivating Sales Agent relationships.

Specialising in lead generation, nurturing and conversion, our in-house team has developed lucrative and lasting relationships with both corporate and private customers. Working together with our appointed Sales Agents they are able to provide ‘on-the-ground’ insight and knowledge of market trends.


MATCH Hospitality has developed a network of high performing, qualified and experienced Sales Agents held in good standing in their specific territories by corporate clients, the sports community, media and the general public. This network provides invaluable knowledge of the markets in which they operate. Our relationship with the network is based on a commitment of mutual and long-term benefit and has evolved over decades, with some of our agents having worked with our corporate group for over 35 years. We only partner with entities who are widely regarded as the ‘best- in- class’ in their respective territory, based on their track record in selling major sporting events around the world and their industry reputation. Our global Sales Agents network is one of the key differentiators that drives value for our organisation.


We recognise the importance of delivering holistic marketing strategies aimed at achieving the right blend of broad exposure and targeted messaging for the events we represent.

Understanding the role of both traditional and online media in achieving these objectives, we have developed strategies which draw on the natural ‘hype’ points in an event cycle – allowing us to engage with new and existing audiences at a time when they are most receptive, while maximising returns on marketing investments.

The cornerstone of our marketing strategies is to attract repeat customers who feel emotionally connected to the event, not only as a result of a sensational event experience but also through excellent customer communication and engagement leading up to, during and after the event.

We also know the value of gathering customer data. We run a robust digital marketing programme designed to increase conversions, grow our database of interested consumers and feed into our traditional marketing initiatives and sales activities.

When it comes to our global network of Sale Agents, we provide high-quality marketing assets for print, digital and social use to support their local marketing plans and sales activities while ensuring brand compliance. 


Custom brand strategy is at the heart of MATCH Hospitality’s marketing work. Using customer research, market insight and event proposition thinking, we craft custom plans aimed at maximising reach and revenue for each event in our portfolio. We employ a multi-channel approach to capture and communicate with all potential customer groups using five key routes to market, namely;  1) event sponsors, affiliates and sporting bodies 2) direct customer engagement via our in-house sales team 3) specialist regional customer engagement through our appointed Sales Agents  4) direct sales and 5) education through our global e-commerce platform, mailouts, social media and other channels. All routes are nurtured through various centrally owned global marketing activations.

Our reach  is bolstered by a strong database of warm leads and long-standing customers which have been cultivated through our previous events. This provides us with a truly global footprint, with which we can reach all corners of the world to market the most famous and prestigious sporting events.


The MATCH Hospitality marketing team creates bespoke materials for each event, taking into account customisations for language, target audience, territory as well as creating easily-adaptable materials for use by our global Sales Agent network.  


Best-in-class websites, complimentary organic and paid social campaigns, online partnerships and influencer marketing, e-blasts, display, video, and content marketing are some of the digital areas that MATCH Hospitality focuses on to extend customer knowledge of our world-leading events and build appetite in the market for our products. Our digital initiatives are fuelled by custom-designed analytics and measurement programmes to create actionable insight.  


Traditional media channels are key for reaching our high-net-worth audience, and MATCH Hospitality employs a custom channel mix per event to reach these individuals. Brochures and print media advertising provide a strong base, which is extended though experiential activity, customer retention initiatives, eventing and a robust PR and media distribution programme


For MATCH Hospitality, each client is unique, each event a new challenge. We use our depth of experience and expertise to the greatest advantage and have developed a proven and effective model of delivering large-scale operations in diverse and challenging venues around the world.

Collaboration and communication between our specialist production and operations teams is key to our success. The teams work as one unit to deliver the Official Hospitality Programme on-site and to the highest level.


We have in-depth experience in conceptualising, implementing, and delivering multi-level products in one or more venues for major global sporting events.

MATCH Hospitality’s Technical and Operations team works closely with event owners and internal stakeholders to develop overarching hospitality infrastructure strategies which include conceptual design, architectural planning, space assignment and guest flow planning. .

Many venues we encounter are in the early stages of their build and design phase and our qualified architects and systems managers support this process to ensure operational efficiencies are realised at an early stage. This includes developing technical documentation and architectural plans and drawings for temporary infrastructure and indoor and outdoor hospitality areas to meet local building requirements and regulations. With a keen focus on locally sourced solutions and suppliers, balanced with large-scale international supply and experience, our goal is to deliver hospitality spaces that reflect the prestige of the event and which remain consistent across all venues

In the planning stages, the team interacts with a range of internal project areas including marketing, inventory and fulfilment, guest services and catering, as well as external providers to ensure that the hospitality facilities always exceed the expectations of clients. We use 3D renders and 2D planning throughout our entire production department and work with Autodesk software, and many other platforms,  to collaborate with stakeholders in developing a clear understanding of the environment. The team follows company-wide processes regarding RFP development, quality management and procurement approval decisions-making to ensure a well-structured, cost effective, and clinical approach to event delivery.

Temporary Structures

Design Concepts & Décor

Infrastructure & Overlay


Maps & Plans, Access Flow & Furniture



The Catering Team at MATCH Hospitality is driven by a passion for delivering an unrivalled food and beverage experience, creating menus and service concepts that are industry leading, seasonal, sustainable, locally sourced and give a high-quality end-product to our guests across all events and product portfolios. The service must be effortless, intuitive and at a consistent standard that reflects positively on our Rights Holder relationship, irrespective of the venue and operational challenges. To achieve this, we employ people who are at the top of their game, industry leaders, as well as working with specialist consultants. The Catering Team is supported by a robust and stringent procurement process and a transparent and demanding project-deliverable. Key to our ethos is the mentoring and coaching of local catering suppliers through the event planning process to ensure a premium delivery, leaving a legacy skillset in the local marketplace.. At event period, we set in place well considered bespoke KPIs and quality management systems as management tools to support catering service providers in a collaborative operation.

We bring extensive international experience with a clear understanding of the logistical, geographical, and regulatory challenges which need to be addressed when creating a consistent hospitality product service level across all venues in an international hosting environment.

Service position & management

Food experience

Beverage experience

Culinary concepts and menu design


The Guest Services team is responsible for the on-site customer journey from parking areas through to the hospitality facilities, including way finding and shuttle services. Within the hospitality facilities, the team is also responsible for touchpoints which play a significant role in the overall guest experience including hosting services, table reservation management, security, static and live entertainment, in-lounge music, comperes and guest speakers and commemorative gifts. Our market- leading table management software and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) platform allows us to plan table assignments and easily manage the seating to maximise the available space and enhance the guest experience.  We work with local and international service providers to provide the best possible mix of local venue and event relevant experience and international experience with bespoke training modules and on-site training closer to the event period. Significant time and resource are dedicated to ensuring that all members of our hosting team share a common mantra of ‘world-class hospitality’. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are imperative to delivering the event brand standards and the full MATCH Hospitality experience and we work closely with all stakeholders to develop superlative guest journeys and guest management at competition venues.

Orientation, Greeting & Hosting


Last mile



Our Inventory and Fulfilment team delivers a full end-to-end process that includes working with pre-agreed design schedules to create the different fulfilment components, working with production companies to produce them, the pick and pack process and courier service. The key deliverable at all times is to ensure that customers receive their tickets on-time and to a quality commensurate to the collective brand standards of all stakeholders and MATCH Hospitality. The Inventory and Fulfilment team is responsible for the creation and management of inventory within our industry leading internal ‘WHAS’ system, from ticket acquisition processes and on to delivery. The management of availability between products is a key driver in maximising revenues and Stakeholder requests. As such, there are specialists within the team who focus on identifying trends and determining scenarios to optimise revenues. Delivering to a high level of customer satisfaction is of key importance as receiving their packages will be their lasting memory before the actual event.


Seat assignment





MATCH Hospitality’s omni-channel customer service provides a best- in- class customer experience across multiple channels by seamlessly integrating them into a central CRM system. This provides our Customer Service Team with a comprehensive view of each customer’s interactions, history, and purchase profile,  improving first-contact resolution and end-to-end enquiry management.

In order to maximise customer reach and support access, the team engages with customers using four main communication channels, with each interaction being managed and stored in our CRM system.

The customer service team knows the importance of delivering impeccable customer service and the role it plays in building brand credibility and loyalty.  Our focus on making important information available in advance, answering questions efficiently and aiming to exceed expectations helps us engage with our customers, understand their needs, and build strong, lasting relationships.

Providing outstanding customer service is essential to the long-term success of our organisation.  All our sales chan­nels are supported by a highly experienced multi-lingual team with in-depth industry, product and fulfilment knowledge. From purchase through to after-care support, the MATCH Hospitality Customer Service Team ensures all of our customers are treated as individuals, and provided with the best possible hospitality experience.


MATCH Hospitality’s in-house legal and finance teams are specialists in the sports event industry with extensive experience in contract management, rights protection, and financial monitoring and reporting for major events.

Close collaboration between legal, finance and all MATCH Hospitality departments ensures the successful delivery of projects on-brand and within budget


Delivering the right product to the right customer group at the right time is central to MATCH Hospitality’s enduring success. Customer insight and research together with competitor analysis are at the core of what we do, and the defining and developing of products and initiatives that meet consumer need is what gives MATCH Hospitality the edge.

The desires and aspirations of the target hospitality customer are ever evolving, as is the hospitality landscape - today’s hospitality client is not the same as ten years ago, moving from a traditional B2B focus to an increasing emphasis on individual guest experience. We work together with event organisers to ensure that our products are designed to appeal to their specific audience and maximise revenues.

From our early pioneering of initiatives such as the Team Specific Series product, which allowed customers to secure hospitality products to follow their team well ahead of the Final Draw of the FIFA World Cup™ to our new products at the Silverstone Circuit, designed with an emphasis on making hospitality accessible, MATCH Hospitality is constantly looking for new innovations to meet the ever-changing hospitality landscape. Our MATCH House product at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ saw us take hospitality in a new direction, extending our portfolio to include an off-site hospitality programme to ensure that customers have the opportunity to experience more at world-class events.